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Home Selling Strategies

Commercial-Residential - Residential-Commercial? When it comes to selling your home, why not apply the same sales tactics commercial brokers use to sell a $10 million hotel???

We do! In the commercial real estate world, there are certain tactics used to effectively sell multi-million-dollar property and to capture the highest price for our Clients.

Commercial Agents know how to analyze financial statements to determine the value of commercial property.

Commercial Agents understand complicated contracts and effectively communicate with top notch Attorneys.

Commercial Agents know how to effectively maneuver during negotiations to obtain the best deal for their Client.

Commercial Agents have connections all over the world.

Commercial Agents are No-Nonsense in Business.

Why not hire someone with Commercial Real Estate experience, as well as Top of the Line residential skills, to sell your home???

CRES Corp International believes selling a home should be treated as serious business and offers unique programs and services
that sell homes:

Quality Home Program - Earns more money on your home sale!

S.I.M.P.L.E System - Our FSBO Program

B.I.D.W.A.R. OFFER - Another home selling strategy that brings in more money!

Descriptions of these programs are offered below. But if you’d really like to find out how these programs can sell your home for a lot of money, contact a CRES Corp International Representative today!

CCI Quality Home Program

What does every seller want? To get the most money for their home and to save on commissions.

Our Quality Home Program offers both!

Folks, we don’t consider ourselves a Listing Agency – We’re a SELLING Agency! And its programs like our Quality Home Program that get homes sold!

A Quality Home:

Sells quicker than other homes

Sells for more money than other homes

Buyers know the Q means it’s a Quality Home and that’s where they look first! They know our Quality Home’s are ready to be sold!

Sellers! Let’s find out if your home is a Quality Home so you can:

Earn more money when you sell

Save money on commissions

Sell your Home Easily & Quickly

Contact a CRES Corp International Representative today!

Want to earn even more money when you sell? Combine our Quality Home program with our B.ID.W.A.R. OFFER strategy! Find out how!

S.I.M.P.L.E System

For our Home Sellers who want to sell on their own – WE’RE HERE TO HELP!

There are a lot of sellers who want to try selling their homes on their own. We get it!!! Selling on your own can save you money – If you do it correctly. Most Don’t!

You can’t just stick a “For Sale By Owner” sign in your yard and expect to sell your home!

Are the folks calling on your home Buyers or Bottom Feeders looking for a great bargain?

Are they really interested in your home or is there another reason they’re visiting?

Do they even have the money to buy a home?


CRES Corp International offers our S.I.M.P.L.E System, a strategy to assists our FSBO Clients throughout the sale process - NO LISTING AGREEMENT!           

It’s really is SIMPLE:

We Post Your Home on our Website

We install A Yard sign (Our professional version of a FSBO sign that includes your contact info)

We Prescreen Potential Buyers (Upon Request)

We Assist with Buyer Loan Qualification (Upon Request)

The S.I.M.P.L.E System is designed to discourage anyone other than the REAL Buyers from visiting your home and keeping things professional, organized and relatively safe for the Seller.

Before you put that FSBO sign in your yard, Contact Us

A lot of folks want to know what S.I.M.P.L.E stand for??? Send us an email to find out!


One of the best opportunities a home seller has is to start a bidding war on their home. Seller have received over asking price when Buyers are fighting over their homes.

Our Agents are expert home selling strategists and are trained to employ tactics such as the CRES Corp International B.ID.W.A.R.  OFFER system, a home selling method designed to create a bidding war on your home. The highest bidder gets the home and the homeowner gets:

More money!

Faster Sale!

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