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Property Management & Leasing

CRES Corp International/Pharus Group

For our Clients seeking professional Property and Business management services, CRES Corp International and the Pharus Group are providing our services to take the daily business operations off their hands. We also assist with business restructuring in order to increase revenue, reduce costs and prepare our Clients property to sell at a maximum price!   

Leasing & Management

Tenant Communication

Billing & Collections

Record Keeping

Account Report Preparation – Bookkeeping - Cash Management - Budgeting

Cash Management, Cost Control & Cash Flow Forecasting

Exit Strategy Preparation

Feasibility Studies

For the following property types:





Business Relocation Services: For our Clients seeking to move or expand their business into another State, we are able to assist with the transfer and start-up of their business in the following locations:

                                                          Florida      Georgia     South Carolina      North Carolina

For further information contact Christopher Mohrardt, President; Pharus Group, 772-223-3344. or contact us

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